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Computing Technologies





Topics Covered

Networked Communications - Ch.3

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Intellectual Property - Ch.4

If a user creates something in the OASIS, do they own that or does the OASIS own it. Do users own their avatars?? If so, what if they are knockoffs of copyrighted characters or universes? People paid for their services and creations within the OASIS. H makes money off repairing and building items.

Information Property - Ch.5

Players preserve their identity in the OASIS by using aliases. Information only gets out if people reveal their identity. Wade reveals his real name putting him and his family in danger. Someone was tracked easily by first name without government resources.

Privacy and the Government - Ch.6

This chapter is not relevant to the movie because the movie doesn’t focus or spend time on how the government works and its relation to OASIS.

Computer and Network Security - Ch.7

The virtual currencies in the movie could be stolen if the server operating OASIS was attacked. A security flaw in OASIS log off protocol allowed for “hackers” to prevent users from logging off. OASIS only uses 1 factor authentication allowing for susceptibility and account loss.

Computer Reliability - Ch.8

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Work and Wealth - Ch.10

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Plot Time Line


Person wakes up


Person almost dies


Person wins

Movie Makers’ Intent in Regards to Computing

Words from movie people about computing and their movie…

Societal Conclusions

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